Blue Door was established over 25 years ago.  From modest beginnings, Blue Door has grown from a humble taxi and private hire company into one of, it not the, largest provider of specialist people transportation in the Wychavon Area.

“I hate computers but they are a vital aspect of our business. Now that I have found CyberTech Digital I don’t have to worry about our I.T. anymore. Our systems are very well maintained and protected” – P.R (Managing Director)

Blue Door have a variety of vehicles available, including cars, people carriers and mini-buses some of which are specially adapted for wheelchair access.

“We pride ourselves in providing an excellent service and going the extra mile to cater for everybody’s needs. I am delighted to say CyberTech Digital have exactly the same philosophy” – P.R (Managing Director)

Blue Door provide the full range of transportation services ranging from courier service, one off taxi rides through to corporate and local authority contracts. They offer the safe and reliable transportation of able bodied and disabled children to and from school. Including the option of fully trained and DBS checked attendant escorts.


Signal Traffic Management Ltd is a family run business which was incorporated in 2012 by our directors Matthew and Sarah Eaton. Since then we have grown into one of the county’s leading temporary traffic management specialist. We feel this is due to our commitment, high standards and unwavering customer focus. Every member of the signal team care about developing and maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients.

We had been using only our own staff’s knowledge of how to fix issues with our IT. It was very time consuming and resulted in staff losing time working on our IT rather than concentrating on their own work load. We did use an external person to visit us when we were really stuck but that person prioritised their regular customers. It became obvious that trying to look after our own IT was not cost effective or a productive way for us to operate. 

We were recommended to contact CyberTech. Straight from the first meeting we knew we wanted to work with them. We initially met with Bob and Neal. Bob gave us a presentation detailing their Managed IT Services and Neal audited our hardware. Right from this first meeting we knew CyberTech understood the needs of our business. After a few weeks of going through the terms and the proposal we signed the agreement. CyberTech also signed our NDA which was important to us as a business. 

As the person who staff come to with their IT issues I cannot express enough my gratitude that I now have CyberTech managing our IT systems. We have built a lovely personal relationship with their Technicians who are always so helpful and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble. 

CyberTech, and their partner company Borwell, have helped us get our Cyber Essential Certification which is a great recognition for our company. We do quite a lot of local authority work and we felt that it would be beneficial for the company to acquire Cyber Essentials Certification. 

They have improved our security to the standard required. They have installed a hardware Firewall and installed “agents” on all of our devices that guard against us becoming the victim of a cyber attack 24/7. It also has a little lifeboat symbol which our staff can press to requests for help directly with CyberTech if I am not around. 

If anyone reading this is trying to look after their own IT forget it. We were deluding ourselves that avoiding spending a few hundred pounds per month on IT support was sound business practice. The reality was it was costing us far more than that in lost productivity. In any event if you are thinking of changing your I.T. provider give CyberTech a call. I promise you won’t regret it.

Kerry Bannister 


All Valves Online was incorporated in 2012 as a UK based on-line valve and actuation specialist. Predominantly supplying the process industry. They proudly boast of being able supply almost any valve for any application. Adam Chapman and his team have subsequently sold millions of pounds worth resulting in the All Valves Online brand becoming known and respected globally. As a consequence of which they plan to shortly open sales offices in both the US and Germany.

“As an on-line business we cannot afford to be without a fully functioning I.T. system for more than a few hours. I have the upmost confidence that CyberTech Digital make sure our systems are fully protected and maintained at all times – Adam Chapman

Having a huge supplier base from all around the world enables All Valves Online to supply the best brands in the industry at the right price. They offer next day delivery on most on-line items from either their UK stocks in Pershore or strategic distribution stocking locations elsewhere.

“The team at CyberTech have been our I.T. provider for almost the entire time we have been in business, either as CyberTech or previously. We get canvassed by other I.T. providers on a regular basis but they’re wasting their time.” – Adam Chapman


Care and we are an independently owned NHS and Private Dental practice in Malvern. Since 2008 the practice has been owned by Ben Bushell who is also one of our dentists. We have grown considerably over the last few years and now employee over 20 members of staff, 7 self-employed dentists and 3 self-employed hygienists.

We recently fell victim to a cyber attack with ransom ware that resulted in our data being encrypted thus none of it was accessible. The cybercriminal then requested that thousands was paid in ransom fees so that our data could be restored. Once we consulted our existing IT provider who stated that cloud backups were in place and said that it would be an easy restore process we then found out that the backed up data was also encrypted leaving us with no data. Then various efforts ensued from our existing IT provider and then specialist data recovery services which came back with nothing.

At this point we were without and IT system for 10 days, which is when we got into contact with CyberTech Digital. They instantly took charge of the situation and were able to get our old server installed and running which had data from 6 months prior. This allowed us to get our key systems back online and to work. However to get the rest of the data we were required to pay the ransom for the decryption key however the previous IT provider had deleted crucial files for decryption. This resulted in us having no way to restore our data from the past 6 months.

It also turned out that the “new” server that was provided was not new at all and was infact older than the one that it replaces. However CyberTech has since replaced this server with a new and fully operational server. This server is protected with a class leading managed backup and disater recovery solution with 28 versions of backups protected in the cloud. The rest of our infastructure has been setup with their managed antivirus, web protection, backup and disaster recovery also with a patch management system to ensure that windows updates don’t cause issues but are timely. Also is a hardware firewall and secure mesh WiFi system with guest capabilities as to ensure that we can work meanwhile our customers are still happy.

So in conclusion the whole process resulted in costs exceeding £50,000 the majority of which was caused by our previous IT providors incompetence. Had it not have been for cybertech jumping in the costs of getting back online would have been considerably higher. What we have learned from this whole situation is that it is incredibly important that your IT provider is skilled and has knowledge in what they do even if the short term cost may be higher.

Elizabeth Bacon.



Over the last forty years Systematic Servicing has grown into one of the largest independent waste equipment providers in the U.K. This has been accomplished by a combination of dedicated staff and strategic acquisition.

“All our I.T. is managed by CyberTech including help with our Protean Field manager Software. We wouldn’t be as good as we are if CyberTech wasn’t as good as they are.” – Emma Westwood, Director   

Originally created to provide an on-site service and repair facility for customers with mobile skip and hook lift units. Systematic now offer a complete on-site service including full machine refurbishment, either on-site or in its custom-built workshop.

“CyberTech have really helped us exploit Office 365 to create a modern efficient cloud-based document management system” – Emma Westwood, Director   

As the industry needs have evolved Systematic Servicing moved in to the contract rental business and now have a large rental fleet. They can also supply reconditioned equipment at very competitive prices.


I would like to express my appreciation of the excellent service you and your colleagues have provided since taking over as our l. T. service provider. I am also grateful to CyberTech for recommending that we apply to participate in Worcestershire County Council’s “Be Cyber Secure Programme”.  WCC deserve credit for the work they are doing towards their objective of making Worcestershire a safe place to do business.

The combination of Worcestershire County Council, CyberTech and security specialists Borwell has taken our l. T. to another level. The WCC “Be Cyber Secure” grant has covered the cost of specialist advice and assistance from Borwell and CyberTech and will culminate in us achieving Cyber Essentials Certification. We are confident that a cyber attack is now much less likely and even if one did occur the likelihood of damaging our business or suffering a GDPR fine is extremely unlikely.

As you know our l. T. system was centred upon a single server running the Small Business Server operating system. The server was at the end of its design life and unable to support some current software. The additional “Be Cyber Secure” assistance funding from WCC has contributed several thousand pounds towards the cost of replacing the server and migrating our on site Exchanger Server to Office 365.

I have no reservation recommending CyberTech to fellow business owners. I have no doubt that we have embarked on a long and beneficial relationship.

Peter Dann


The Truckle Cheese Co is home to an exciting range of award-winning cheeses and chutney’s for cheese. Making ideal gifts and great additions to any cheeseboard selections.  

“We have used the team at CyberTech Digital Ltd from the start and for many years previous. The staff are all highly knowledgeable in all aspects of IT support including office 365 and cyber security.” – Adrian Nichols (C/o Elmley SML T/A The Truckle Cheese Co)

The Truckle Cheese Company are proud to be making delicious and irresistible British chesses. We have our own graders to ensure consistent quality and flavour across our whole range.

“If you have an IT problem the CyberTech Team will usually have resolved your issue within 4 hours of contacting them” – Adrian Nichols (C/o Elmley SML T/A The Truckle Cheese Co)

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