Managed IT Services Mean Big Benefits for Small Businesses
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Managed IT Services Mean Big Benefits for Small Businesses

IT Managed services providers take on a lot of responsibility when serving small businesses. It’s no surprise given how important the role of an MSP is in managing vital parts of an organization that small business owners are sometimes hesitant to begin a partnership with an MSP, for fear that they may be losing control of their business IT.

That’s not the case.

The truth is, outsourcing certain services like IT can relieve the pressure from small businesses. Below are a couple of big benefits of using a managed service provider every small business owner should consider when looking at their approach to IT:

They Possess Broad Expertise:

One of the biggest benefits of using an MSP is that it gives businesses access to professionals who are skilled in a wide variety of IT activities. An MSP is a network administrator, security consultant, and disaster recovery expert in one. Most IT professionals today specialize in one area of the field and may not be well-versed in all things IT. Outsourcing IT to an MSP ensures every problem can be addressed.

They Can Help You in the Event of an Attack:

One of the big benefits of outsourcing IT is that an MSP can help prevent cyber-attacks from ever occurring. Disaster recovery planning is a very important aspect of IT. If you have dedicated experts managing IT, your business will be prepared, making recovery much simpler.

An alarming 60% of small businesses go out of business in the months following a massive cyber-attack. An MSP is a good insurance policy against that happening to you.

The knowledge an MSP has around industry-specific compliance standards and state and local legislation can also help businesses avoid hefty fines that may occur from being non-compliant.

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