Cyber Security

Cyber security is more important than ever as there are more threats targeting SMEs every day with new viruses, malware and ransom ware designed from the ground up to take advantage of you in an attempt to make a profit. It is important that sufficient steps are made to ensure that your systems are kept secure, otherwise you too could become a victim of cyber crime. With the implementation of GDPR this could mean that you would not only have the consequences of what ever was done by the attacker but you could also receive a fine and lose the trust of your customers and partners.

By working with us you can ensure that this doesn’t happen to you and your business, with our tools and expertise and by following these tips you can make sure that you and your customers are protected from the advances of cyber criminals.

  • Knowledge – By knowing what to look out for you can prevent attacks to your systems. This includes emails with attachments from unknown senders and watching out for phishing sites (fake sites that are designed to look like official sites that steal your details).
  • Antivirus – A powerful and up to date antivirus is key when preventing attacks as it will be able to detect if an attack is taking place however a standard antivirus is not sufficient anymore which is where our next gen antivirus (SentinelOne) comes in.
  • Firewall – A correctly configured firewall can ensure that malicious software cannot talk to random computers over the net and downloading malware, viruses or ransom ware.

This graphic below shows the various stages of a cyberattack and how we work to ensure that you are kept secure and protected from cyber criminals.

SentinelOne, the next gen anti virus that allows you to make worrying about mailcious software a threat of the past with the use of this game changing anti virus solution that utilises AI to detect when process are acting maliciously or out of place. It also scans software and other files as soon as they are detected by the system as to ensure that nothing is able to slip through the cracks.

If for some reason a malicious package such as ransom ware is able to make its way past the AV and onto your system then with SentinelOne’s roll back functionality we are able to undo any harm that has been done to your system from our dashboard with one click. Also paired with our solid backup solutions and infastructure you can be sure that with us your systems are always protected.

This is well shown in the following demonstration where the end point antivirus solutuion is able to completely reverse what was done to the system by the malicious software (ransomeware).

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